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What's a League CIO? Corporations have a Chief Information Officer (CIO). He's the guy who doesn't say anything in the meetings, but takes orders from and gives reports to the CEO, CFO, COO, and all those other suits. That way they can talk about their business and money without all that computer jargon and boring technical details. LeagueCIO offers an amateur baseball/softball league sized version of that function. The LeagueCIO application and services help you focus on the games, your players, your sponsors - not computers. All the basics you need to communicate/show, plus much more.

Check out a reference installation

Check out the LeagueCIO web application for a reference league. Connecticut North MSBL (www.cnmsbl.org) has been a live site since 2006.


Services 2

Think of LeagueCIO like your tax accountant... Every spring you send in your info and the technical details are taken care of for you!


Demo League

In the demo you can see how the administrative functions work. When visiting existing league sites, by necessity you will only be a viewer (unless you are an officer of that league!).


More than just a web site!


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Priced to fit your league and your needs
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Paypal, Check

To date our focus has been on baseball leagues, but we would love the opportunity to expand into other sports! Be the first in your sport and have the opportunity to drive/control feature development!


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